written by Barbara-Anne Puren

Feelin' Groovy explodes onto the South African stage scene with incredible enthusiasm and vitality. Where Wolf Man Jack takes the audience on a sweeping flashback to a time when youth and music were the in thing!  Feelin' Groovy takes spans the flower power hippie loving generation of the 1960's as well as the glitter ball disco era of the 1970's, when experimentation didn't just mean reading Ken Kesy or Timothy Leary and smoking pot, or following the teachings of the maharishi yogi, it was also the way music changed our way of thinking.

With a rocking 7 piece ensemble on stage, Feelin' Groovy reaches out from the stage and grabs the audience and never lets them go.  From hippies to yuppies to jocks, in true Woodstock style, it's one huge party, and when you look around, all you see is everybody having a fantastic time and all feeling groovy!

What the press has to say:

"If the end of the world was upon us, a scary percentage of Johannesburg's night crowd would be unaware of it.  Why? Because 600 odd revellers would be singing, screaming and dancing Feelin' Groovy."  Night Moves Magazine, January 1996

"Get plugged into the groove!  The standard of this show is consistently high with a talented cast with the skill to perform true versions of classic hits of the 60's and 70's and who have the essential ability to make them their own.  The rose among the thorns, Barbara-Anne Puren holds her own with the boys on stage."  The Citizen, April 1997