written by Barbara-Anne Puren

Best described as Absurdist Theatre, this collection of five one act scenes is Barbara-Anne Puren's first attempt at script writing.  Where an ensemble cast of four present dramatic stories with a sting in the tail.  With minimal props, the stage is dressed with only one table and chair as well as a couple of stage boxes that are moved and rearranged to suit the scene, this is effective as it leaves nothing to detract from the performances.  Beginning with an eerily detached philosophical debate about the moon controlling mans behaviour, followed by a traumatic scene of a child whose father is sexually abusing her, to a Roald Dahl type story of married unhappily ever after, to a fantasy piece in memory of what has never been and finally, culminating back at the starting point of the philosophical moon musing, the central concept being the underlying forces of the human psyche.    

What the press has to say:

" Written and directed by 20 year old actress Barbara-Anne Puren, this new show is not for the feint hearted theatre goer.  Described as Absurdist Theatre, The Hermit's new revue is very entertaining.  "  The Daily News, October 1988

"While the tales couldn't be described as being on a par with Dahl. they do often generate a similar air of not readily definable unease, even horror, at times. The performers establish their characters well, set the changing moods and reflect the often sinister undercurrents."  The Natal Mercury, September 1988