written by Barbara-Anne Puren

This is a toothy little musical love story that keeps the Dracula legend alive and well.  Set in the eighties, steeped in the New Romantic Movement of frilled shirts and big hair.  Before anyone  had heard of cyber dating, our two hapless vampires scan the lonely hearts columns in  the local newspapers to find their next victims. Little do they know when they meet that they are both vampires and of course the inevitable happens and they fall in love.  In typical farcical style this piece lends itself to amusing situational comedy as well as sweet and poignant moments backed by tender love songs.

What the press has to say:

"Festive and fun fare that the audience can really sink their teeth into is provided by Barbara-Anne Puren's latest offering 'The lady Is A Vamp' at The Hermit Theatre."  The Daily News, December 1988

"The Dracula legend is being revived nightly at the Hermit Theatre with the very entertaining 'The Lady Is A Vamp'.  The show concerns a couple who meet and fall in love after replying to a lonely hearts advert.  But the fact that they are both vampires does complicate matters..." The Natal Mercury, December 1988