written by Barbara-Anne Puren

Presented as a humorous documentary, this 2 handed cabaret is a parody that comments on the relationships between men and women.  It takes a light-hearted look at the 'war' between men and women that has raged from the dawn of civilization and carries on right through to present day and is a fun look at the age old battle of the sexes.

What the press has to say:

"This cheeky little cabaret uses the 'survival guide in the battle of the sexes' concept as its launching pad.  A highlight of the show is a waspish hate song between sparing partners, backed by innocuous  dulcet tones of doo-wop music - hilarious! " The Citizen, January 2003

"Men Are From Bars is fun.  Puren's natural warmth and sexy style mixed with a dollop of wacky humour provides patrons with a memorable and fun night out."  The Star Tonight, January 2003