written by Barbara-Anne Puren

What do 4 guys from who live in a commune and who need to earn extra cash get up to on an arbitrary evening?  They start their own radio station of course!  "Full Frontal Radio."  They launch their website using a webcam, singing live broadcasts to paying customers.  And so the scene is set for a fun evening of musical hijinks.   This is not rocket-science, it's just Fun.

What the press has to say:

"Get your folks out of their mundane suburban evening ritual.  Call up some mates on the blower. Kidnap your spouse and cart her/him off to Melville.  And promise them all an evening of unadulterated fun. The urge to tap along with the performers is irresistible."  The Star Tonight, September 2003

"Here's a different spin on the whole concept of 'reality' entertainment! Men Behaving Badly is a fun romp - a good time vibe which soon infects the audience.  It's a fun, unpretentious evenings entertainment."  The Citizen August 2003