written by Barbara-Anne Puren

"Welcome to Luigi's!" Where Luigi acts as the host to the audience throughout the show, he treats and speaks to the audience as though they are just another one of his regulars, while intermittently tinkling  on the ivories and serving wine. With the 'restaurant staff' at Luigi's providing  the backdrop of music for the show  the talented 5 piece ensemble confide in Luigi and as the evening unfolds, a beautiful love story is revealed.

What the press has to say:

"Thanks to Puren's clever musical arrangements, this is a lovely modern-day love story.  Puren, who is now firmly established as a versatile talent, brings us memory-making tunes and a fantastic night out."  The Star Tonight, May 2003

"Puren's latest show The Piano Man, will have you going home humming, as the music is masterfully arranged.  Puren has incredible stage presence as well as oodles of talent and her saxophone makes a welcome showing in this stage show, as does her considerable singing prowess."  The Citizen, April 2003