Creative Team Building Events Using Body Percussion and Poetry


In 1993,  Barbara-Anne Puren began this exciting work as a Performance Arts Facilitator for Group and Team Building Events.  Over the years, she has developed her own unique brand of combining the Performance Arts with Body Percussion and Poetry. 

During these events, Barbara-Anne focuses on the development of key personal and social skills such as enhanced verbal, visual and physical memory skills as well as improved aural perception linked to language development.

She has a host of corporate clients who after completing this team building activity, have a better understanding of each other's strengths, weaknesses and interests.  This new understanding helps the participants to work even better together, which is vital to any company.

Explore Your Passion And Find Your Rhythm!

Drumming is used as a valuable tool to help people feel connected. Recent studies have shown that for human beings to truly feel happy, they need to feel connected.  There are a host of benefits attributed to participating in group drumming, this participation benefits your health, wellbeing and mindfulness.   Rhythm underlies every aspect of life.  Add to this the dynamics of the spoken word and poetry and you have an awesome combination that provides the participants with a creative platform to take stock and express how they are feeling.  With this, we can start to build a strong and clear rationale for the participation in such activities.   This team building event uses the body as a source of percussion, its unifying, exciting and fun all rolled into one.  This is a quick and simple way of experiencing this exhilaration without set up or equipment. People will come together as they slap, clap, click, stomp and even bump their way to a universal rhythm.  It's a very versatile way to energise, connect and motivate.  A Body Percussion and Poetry event will revitalise, energise , motivate and invigorate your team. What more could you ask for?

What Is Body Percussion?     

Using the human body as the instrument.  Body Percussion is a fantastic way to reduce stress, clear inhibitions, stimulate creativity and warm up a group of people.  It is a useful and simple tool for creating music in a group.

Body Percussion is incredibly accessible as the human body is your instrument.  It is also really valuable for internalising basic and fundamental musical concepts which include rhythm, beat and tempo. 

Group Rhythm Participation is a meditative and mindful practice that provides a safe space for communion.  It elicits the natural state of presence and brings forth an experience of Unity and Joy.

What Is Poetry?

Using language,  the spoken word as well as sounds,  Poetry uses rhythms,  forms and conventions to suggest differential interpretation to words and to evoke emotive responses.  It creates patterns and rhythm often forming connections previously not perceived. 

Poetry resonates emotively and can be enjoyed using a variety of different rhythms and styles, from short and simple poems and chants, to intricate and complex stanzas and poems.

Why Combine Body Percussion And Poetry?

Body Percussion And Team Building

The result of this team building activity is integration and inclusion and develops increased feelings of community and belonging, it reduces stress levels and is accessible to all regardless of social background and so-called musicality.  It increases the perception of self-worth, enhances body control and coordination skills in a permitting environment where the body is used as a musical instrument.

The methods used not only increase cognitive stimulation, but also have a beneficial impact on workload related stresses as well as promoting team work and thus improving efficiency when working together as a team.
Hand clapping, toe tapping, foot stomping and chest thumping, this brilliant group activity is a must as it helps to improve spatial awareness. These simple rhythmic tasks build basic musical skills such as understanding and controlling a pulse. By contributing as part of a larger ensemble, participants learn creative and new ways to take turns and work as a team while exploring sounds and rhythms.

What Happens During The Activity?

After introducing the group to the concept of combined Body Percussion and Poetry, the facilitator engages the participants in a simple rhythm.  As they get used to the idea, the complexity will increase as will the tempo. The group are then taught a series of rhythms and tempos along with simple poetry and creativity exercises.

Following this, the large group is then split into smaller groups. The facilitator then guides them while they workshop performance pieces that they will present at the end of the session.

The end result of the workshop is that the participants will have found their own common rhythms and created their own "music", as well as explored and created a poem cantered around a work related topic. By the end of their time together the participants will be in sections making a fantastic rhythm that weaves together in one great work of art.  And just as important, they will have had fun while doing so! These are creative, upbeat and very enjoyable team building events that leave everyone feeling refreshed and happy.

The Benefits Of This Type Of Team Building Event.

As an energiser - it has great potential to energise participants and get their neurology working again.  Left and Right brain are awakened and reconnected as participants get into the rhythm.
As a motivator - it gets participants working together, connecting with each other, and feeling good because they achieve something as a group. 
As an educator - it contains great metaphors about working as one, being on the same team, and beating the same drum.
As a unifier - it encourages unity by leaning new ways to work in a team, this in turn  refocuses the participants on their work topics.
As a tool for stress release - it provides the participants with a fun creative outlet to express themselves.  Studies have shown that rhythm regulates the brain and that drumming improves concentration, taps into the power of being present.


Most group sizes can be accommodated.  The activity can take place almost anywhere and usually runs anywhere between one hour to three hours

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