Tales from the Hard to find Forest
written by Barbara-Anne Puren

This is Barbara-Anne's first children's play and she is proud to present its debut at the Stage Door Theatre, Melville.  With intriguing and interesting characters such as the bossy elf, Marmaduke Mil-Petal, the  forgetful Fairy Ebony, the very mischievous and troublesome Terrible Imp and of course the heroine of the story, 9 year old Victoria, known as Vicky.  Here, children of all ages are transported to the magical Hard To Find Forest where a fierce battle is waged and won to save the trees on planet Earth.

What the press has to say:

"This is a wonderful way for children to escape to the land of fairies and forests, and to bring the important message of nature conservation into their frame of reference."  The Citizen, January 2004

"A fantastic story full of great characters.  Vicky and The Wishing Hat is genuinely fabulous a truly magical show for children."  The Northcliff Melville Times, January 2004