A word from the author:

 I wrote A Family Just Like Mine for my daughter as a way of explaining to her curious peers why she was lucky enough to have both a 'heart family' and a 'tummy family'.


About the Book:


Gemma is a very inquisitive and determined 9 year old girl who sets out to travel the world in search of a family just like her own.  She travels far and wide, searching high and low, rides on camels and elephants, sails yachts, flies on aeroplanes, chugs on trains and even flies past the moon in a hot air balloon.

Without further ado, in her HEART Gemma knew,
That she must take her search high and low.
So she boarded a boat as her confidence grew,
And sang as she started to row. 

"I'm looking for a FAMILY,
I wonder what I'll find?
I'm looking for a FAMILY
That will be just like mine."

Gemma meets all sorts of families during her search and asks them all the same question:

"There is this thing I’m thinking of,
It might sound strange and funny,
But just where are your children from?
Your HEART or from your TUMMY?"

I hope my question’s not too hard,
But I’d like to know, you see,
Please say if they’re just like me."

Join Gemma on her fantastic search and see if you can find your family within the pages of this delightful book.